About Inyett

Inyett is a tech and product company with a platform that works with secure payments. We exist to create a safe, secure and controlled environment for businesses and organisations, and above all for the people responsible for their companies’ financial processes.

We offer ready-to-use digital services for secure payments or the ability to integrate directly with our platform to improve internal control.

Inyett is a Visma company.

Our story

It all started with a trip to the sun. In 2009, a woman in Skåne received an incorrect deposit to her account from a municipality. The municipality was supposed to pay the usual $450, but they managed to pay $45 000 instead. The woman decided to go on vacation to the South Pacific and spent most of the money. When she got back, the municipality asked for the money back – but the court ruled that the woman had “acted in good faith”!

And that’s how Inyett’s business concept for secure payments was born.

The people

The people behind Inyett

Zozo Noun

Customer Success Manager

Tommie Holmertz

Marketing Director

Shkumbin Uka

Sales Executive

Sebastian Kristensson

Sales Lead

Oskar Fyrgård

Partner Sales Executive

Maja Malmqvist

Agile Lead

Mariola Malecka

Service Consultant

Malin Jeansson

Customer Success Manager

Marcus Alsterfjord

Tech Lead

John Lundin

System Engineer

Kristina Thim

Service Consultant

Johan Liljegren


Jacob Ekelund

Digital Designer

Joel Dahlgren


Joel Cheng

System Engineer

Johan Asplund

IT Manager

John Andersson

Managing Director

Emelie Strömberg

Service Consultant

Fredrik Klarkner

Sales Lead

Henrik Beijer-Olsson

HR Director

Endis Gasi

Sales Executive

Christoffer Persson

Key Account Manager

Catherine Borgkvist

Quality Coordinator

Andreas Lindell

Key Account Manager

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Inyett AB
Drottninggatan 20-22
252 21 Helsingborg, Sweden

Telefon: 57 11 80 07
E-post: 556780-4348

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