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Richard Livijn

An invaluable control element for supplier and agreement follow up

Richard Livijn is a management consultant with assignments in purchasing and procurement from Rikshem and Nordr, among others. With the focus on independent, practical and concrete advice, the assignment is about helping organisations with strategies, control, management and change work in a world with rapid changes and demands for digitalisation and sustainability.

“Collaboration with Inyett has given the opportunity to find correct and up to date key figures in an effective way, down to spend level in real time and historically, which would otherwise not be possible for the assignment. The benefits of this tool, which are easy to spread internally within the organisation, cover all departments.

“The product is also easy to connect to existing invoicing systems and it would not have been possible to perform the automated control of payments against relevant sources manually. These factors give an invaluable control element that enables supplier and agreement follow up.”  

Richard Levjin,
Managementkonsult, QSA

Erling Grimstad

Not having indicators for fraud increases vulnerability

“It is quite unbelievable how many businesses and local authorities pay out large sums of money to suppliers that they do not have a contract with. That cannot be traced or do not exist at all. Organisations must have a system in which they can investigate suppliers and have non-conformance brought to their attention.” 

Erling Grimstad is one of the most experienced consultants in the Nordic region when it comes to preventive work and investigating financial crime. Erling helps clients to prevent and detect potential offences such as corruption, fraud and money laundering. The clients include banks, insurance companies and local authorities. 

“Inyett has developed an automated service that scrutinises payments and so can quickly detect potential risks and errors. With a service like Inyett, organisations can not only perform extensive and crucial work to detect attempted fraud but also have confidence that payments are going as they should.”

Erling Grimstad
Advokatfirmaet Erling Grimstad AS


Identifies the actual deficiencies that show up in a company’s purchasing and payment processes. 

PwC is a global leader in the work of helping companies and organisations to develop secure business processes and to maintain good internal control.

In this work, it is fundamental to work on significant risks and to identify the root causes of errors and deficiencies arising. Through our collaboration with Inyett, we have access to a unique and cost-effective analysis system for identifying and working on the actual deficiencies that show up in a company’s purchasing and payment processes.

“This gives us a crucial opportunity to prioritise our resources and those of the organisation so as to create secure procedures and processes exactly where the need is greatest. At the same time, Inyett can reassure us that the processes remain airtight. This also gives us the opportunity to understand, in actual numbers and kronor, what value all the possible deficiencies could have resulted in, and thus we have a better concrete basis for evaluation and prioritising together with the company’s management.”

Gey Widengren
Partner, PwC