Secure Payments
with PwC

Prevents human and machine error by taking control of payments, supplier registers, salary payments and any secondary occupations employees might have.

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For more control
and better practices

Every year, Swedish companies make a significant number of incorrect payments, do business with high-risk suppliers or fall victim to financial crime and fraud. Most risks are detected late, or not at all. Shortcomings and risks don’t just reduce profitability, they also run the risk of damaging the company’s brand and reputation. PwC’s secure financial management services allow you to be proactive and help your staff do their jobs with greater efficiency and security.

Secure Payments

Secure Payments is an automated subscription service that shares a monthly status report of completed payments and active suppliers. This report confirms that existing procedures are working well, or presents actual errors and risks together with suggestions on how to deal with them. Secure Payments is a simple and effective way to increase the company’s internal control over payments and suppliers, improving procedures and profitability.

Secure Suppliers

Secure Suppliers is a digital service for better control over existing suppliers. Checking and analysing the information in supplier registers ensures the accuracy of supplier data and identifies which suppliers pose a risk to your business.

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Create secure procedures and processes where you need them most

PwC is a world leader in helping companies and organisations to develop secure business processes and maintain good internal control.

Working on the basis of significant risks and identifying the root causes of errors and deficiencies is fundamental to this work. Our partnership with Inyett means we can offer PwC clients a cost-effective analysis system to identify and build on the actual deficiencies in purchasing and payment processes for businesses.

PwC’s ‘Secure Finance’ service provides a crucial opportunity to prioritise resources and create secure procedures and processes where they’re most needed.

Gey Widengren
Product owner, Secure Finance
Partner, PwC

The value of
‘Secure Financial Management’
from PwC

  • Cost-effective, simple, automated support to improve and develop your company’s internal control.
  • Monthly progress reports with suggestions for actions.
  • Continuous support for development of more secure, more efficient financial functions.
  • Streamlines financial procedures
  • Relieves the strain on staff, eliminates manual monitoring and reduces stress.

“PwC is working actively to ensure that advisers and auditors enjoy a high level of trust in the business community and society in general. Our industry is characterised by rapidly increasing financial flows and vast amounts of data, and PwC aims to be a leader in providing clients with the latest automated technology to enhance security and minimise risk in all business transactions”

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